Indian Scam - No other country can ever compete with India. A thing to be really ashamed off !!


Total scam money in India = 73000000000000

This might look awkward but it is true that, the total Scam money of our country is 27% more than the GDP of our country.



What is Black Money ??

Any money that a person or organization acquires illegally, as by a means that involves tax evasion is called as Black Money.

As this money is not reported to the government, it is virtualy hidden and no tax is charged on this money so consequently it effects the economy of the country. Acoording to the data revealed by Swiss Bank our country tops the charts of Black money with an amount of $ 1456 billion. The amount being so huge, its effect are adverse to the economy of our country.


  Total Scam Money in India

Today, Who cares about hundred crores rupees scam anymore !! As India has seen thousands of crores rupees scams every now and then, now the total scam money exceeds about 73 lakh crore rupees. The amount itself explains the situation of corruption in India. Most of this scam money comes from politics and politicians of the country. The money which was actually meant to be utilised in public interest is now an integral part of bank accounts of politicians. If this whopping amount would have been executed in proper way, the scenerio of our country would have been completely different.


  Scams in India
Scam Year Scam Money
Telgi stamp paper scam 2003 Rs 172 cr
IPO-Demat scam 2005 Rs 146 cr
Bihar flood relief scam   Rs 17 cr
Scorpene submarine scam   Rs 18,978 cr
Punjab's City Centre project scam 2006 Rs 1,500 cr
Taj Corridor scam   Rs 175 cr
Pune billionaire Hassan Ali Khan tax default 2008 Rs 50,000 cr
The Satyam scam   Rs 10,000 cr
Army ration pilferage scam   Rs 5,000 cr
The 2-G spectrum swindle   Rs 60,000 cr
State Bank of Saurashtra scam   Rs 95 cr
Illegal money in Swiss banks, as estimated in 2008 Rs 71,00,000 cr
The Jharkhand medical equipment scam 2009 Rs 130 cr
Rice export scam 2009 Rs 2,500 cr
Orissa mine scam 2009 Rs 7,000 cr
Madhu Koda mining scam 2009 Rs 4,000 cr
Total Scam Money
73 lakh crore
Scam Year Scam Money
Harshad Mehta securities scam  1992 Rs 5,000 cr
Sugar import scam 1994 Rs 650 cr
Preferential allotment scam 1995 Rs 5,000 cr
Yugoslav Dinar scam   Rs 400 cr
Meghalaya Forest scam   Rs 300 cr
Fertiliser import scam 1996 Rs 1,300 cr
Urea scam   Rs 133 cr
Bihar fodder scam   Rs 950 cr
Sukh Ram telecom scam 1997 Rs 1,500 cr
SNC Lavalin power project scam   Rs 374 cr
Bihar land scandal   Rs 400 cr
C.R. Bhansali stock scam   Rs 1,200 cr
Teak plantation swindle 1998 Rs 8,000 cr
UTI scam 2001 Rs 4,800 cr
Dinesh Dalmia stock scam   Rs 595 cr
Ketan Parekh securities scam   Rs 1,250 cr
Sanjay Agarwal Home Trade scam 2002 Rs 600 cr
  What could have been done with this money ??
Health Care 2.4 crore primary healthcare centres. That’s at least 3 for every village, at a cost of Rs 30 lakh each.
Education 24.1 lakh Kendriya Vidyalayas at a cost of Rs 3.02 crore each, with two sections from Class VI to XII.
Housing 14.6 crore low-cost houses assuming a cost of Rs 5 lakh a unit.
Infrastructure 2,703 coal-based power plants of 600 MW each. Each costs Rs 2,700 crore.
Supply 12 lakh CFL bulbs. That’s enough light for each of India’s 6 lakh villages
Clean Up 50 major rivers for the next 121 years, at Rs 1,200 crore a river every year.
Transport 14.6 lakh km of two-lane  highways. That’s a road around India’s perimeter 97 times over.
Public Welfare Schemes
  • 90 NREGA-style schemes, each worth roughly Rs 81,111 crore.
  • 121 more loan waiver schemes. All of them worth Rs 60,000 crore.
Hand Out
  • 60.8 crore Tata Nanos to 60.8 crore people. Or four times as many laptops.
  • Rs  56,000  to every Indian. Even better, give Rs 1.82 lakh to 40 crore Indians living BPL.
  • Can provide all our soldiers technologies like night vision, bullet proof jacket and other safety equipments.